If you’re looking for a hands-on designer who understands every aspect of a building project, then I would love to help. I straddle the gaps that so often emerge between a beautiful design and the practicalities of a building site.

It all starts with listening. I find out exactly what you want out of your project and how you want to live and work in the new space. Together we’ll come up with a design that gives you everything you want and more.

You can then leave me to handle Planning and Building Regulations. You can trust me to keep hold of the big picture while not forgetting the importance of detail. You’ll know that I’ve got a firm grip on costs and that I’m working within your budget. And, because I’m both a designer and a maker, I’ll understand every stage of your project inside out.

All of this means a smooth and cost-effective approach, and a building that lives up to the initial design.

I’m based in Brighton, working throughout East & West Sussex, Kent, Surrey & London – and sometimes further afield.


I’m an Architectural Designer and Chartered Technologist. Or, in more human terms, I’m a designer with a serious interest in architecture, engineering and craft.

I’ve always been interested in buildings. My father was a highly skilled carpenter and joiner, and I grew up watching and learning how to make things myself. I spent time on building sites, learning the skills that have now become part of what I do.

Studying architecture, art and design was a natural next step. I drew on my experience and saw new possibilities within architecture. I knew that there was a perfect role for me. I understood the technical and academic side but I also enjoyed getting my hands dirty. I could bridge the gap between the design side of a building project and the delivery.

It’s now been over twenty years since then.

My interest took me around the world – to see how architects and craftsmen work in other places. I travelled through Japan and Scandinavia. And I trained with Japanese carpenters in Canada. Back in the UK, I worked with Ben Law of Grand Designs fame and with other specialist craftsmen. I collaborated with architects from concept to detailed design, and with builders at every stage of a building project.

I set up my own studio to bring together all of these interests, and to show that with the right kind of hands-on approach a building project can be stress-free – and even enjoyable.

If you’d like to see some of my past projects, click here [link to Projects].

Do get in touch if you’d like to talk about your project. I’m always happy to discuss ideas and see where it takes us.